What does a commercial manager do and what is the way to get there?

The career in sales remains one of the most attractive in the market, either because of the volume of opportunities or because of the possibility of variable gains coming from bonuses and commissions. And, within this area, a common growth objective is to reach the position of commercial manager.

But, after all, what does a commercial manager do and what are the necessary steps to reach such a strategic position for the company?

In this article, we’ve put together the answers to these and other questions that will undoubtedly help you prepare to grow!

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Commercial manager: functions to accelerate team results

Undoubtedly, the commercial manager (or sales manager) plays one of the most important roles within the company, since he is able to directly influence the results, with the acquisition of new customers and the maintenance of current ones.

For this, however, it is necessary to assume different responsibilities, combining skills and competences to balance all the functions of a commercial manager.

Here are some of the main ones:

Interface with other business areas

It is the commercial manager who represents the sales area in the necessary interactions with other sectors, such as finance, marketing, product and logistics.

This relationship is essential for the company’s operation to always remain at maximum efficiency.

If this does not happen, situations such as:

  • Production does not keep pace with sales
  • Marketing develop campaigns that are out of line with the commercial objective
  • Financial not being prepared to issue a high volume of invoices during a campaign

All of these are quite common challenges for those already working in the area, but which, without a doubt, can be avoided with a good job of the commercial manager.

Sales pace

Another important function of the commercial manager is to ensure the pace of sales and this happens mainly by motivating salespeople. It’s not an easy task, especially with a high workload, but there are techniques and tools that can help.

Among them is the development of sales coaching skills, a subject we have already talked about here on our blog!

Tracking metrics and results

It is the sales area manager who does the important job of monitoring sales metrics on a daily basis. It is essential to look at factors such as sales velocity, new customers, churn rate, performance per seller, results from campaigns, among others.

Based on this information, the commercial leader must identify the bottlenecks to reach the desired results and, therefore, make the necessary decisions.

Maintaining this daily data analysis behavior ensures that there are no month-end surprises such as low sales that impact the company as a whole.

Seller training

The training of salespeople is also a responsibility of the commercial manager, usually shared with the Human Resources sector.

Here come both individual and group training, aimed at hard and soft skills needed for the role. Training for the use of tools, sales technique and productivity are some of the essential topics to be developed!

Development of commercial campaigns

Commercial campaigns are an important tool to accelerate sales during periods of celebration or when results need an extra incentive.

And the commercial manager is the person who best understands within the company what good benefits can be, whether for salespeople or customers.

In this way, he can design, together with other departments, such as Marketing and Human Resources, effective approaches to drive overall performance.

Maintaining customer satisfaction

A company does not live only on new sales. Avoiding cancellations is one of the most important roles of the commercial manager, therefore.

This includes not only monitoring Customer Success strategies, but also direct relationship with those key customers, the so-called key accounts.

Competitor monitoring

Keeping an eye on what competitors do and are implementing is also a commercial manager’s responsibility.

For this, it can count on other departments and functions, such as Marketing and Market Intelligence. The important thing is to monitor the commercial conditions, sales incentives, and benefits presented.

This analysis is essential to understand how competitive the company is in its market or not.

Market and economy monitoring

Speaking of the market, it’s no use performing all the above functions with perfection if you don’t look outside the company, understanding the dynamism of the economy and how it affects the business.

This is how the commercial manager will be able to identify new opportunities (brought with incentives or new regulations, for example) or new threats (downturn in the economy, movement of the dollar, among others).

How much does a commercial manager earn?

This is a very important question: to perform all these functions, how much does a commercial manager earn?

The Vagas.com website carried out a survey based on opportunities disclosed on the platform and, based on it, we have an average salary of R$4,709.00 for commercial managers. We also know that the initial is usually R$3,100.00, reaching up to R$7,080.00.

Of course, in most companies there are other incentives for this position, especially sales commissions. In other words, achieving good results together with the team, it is possible to increase the amount received within the practiced rules.

For this reason, when looking for a position as a commercial manager, also consider how the variable earnings are, how often they are paid and how they can fluctuate depending on the period of the year.

How to become a commercial manager?

Is reaching the position of commercial manager your goal? As promised at the beginning of this article, we’re now going to introduce you to some important steps that can help you get there!

Understand the company and its sector very well.

While the salesperson can obtain good results only knowing very well a certain product or customer profile, the commercial manager needs to have a broader view of the segment in which he operates, the market in which he operates and even the functioning of the company.

Therefore, try to delve into these factors before you even apply for a leadership position, demonstrating that your knowledge is superior to what is necessary for your current role.

Go beyond business skills and knowledge

To reach that sales position, it is also necessary to develop or deepen skills and knowledge that are not part of everyday life as a salesperson. Among them, for example, is knowing the best practices for generating leads (with knowledge of Inbound and Outbound Marketing) and the precautions for drawing up a contract.

Of course, you won’t need to delve into every subject, but understanding the basics will help you in the future to develop the best processes and strategies for your area.

Improve yourself

To obtain the knowledge needed to be a commercial manager, it is often recommended to go beyond what you will find available on the internet.

Taking an MBA or a postgraduate degree in Sales, for example, can be excellent both for learning and for sharing good practices with other professionals. Plus, of course, it’s great for relationships and networking!

Use the tools well

It is not uncommon to find salespeople with resistance to using a CRM system, despite its critical importance to the business.

As a commercial manager, this behavior has no place. On the contrary, it is necessary to understand and use very well this and other tools that optimize time and allow for more strategic decisions.

Build good relationships

We talked about the interface function with other departments in the company. In other words, it is necessary to relate well with them to be successful as a commercial manager.

This does not mean to be a sycophant, but rather to demonstrate empathy and understanding about the role of each sector. From there, it’s easier to work together.

Lead change

Finally, if you want to become a manager in the company you already work for, you need to demonstrate that you are capable of assuming the role even before it exists.

Therefore, it works to assume leadership attitudes, such as:

  • Helping in the development of colleagues
  • Propose solutions to improve results
  • Identify points that can be modified for the evolution of the sales process.

Just don’t forget: your growth will depend on opening up new opportunities for which your profile makes sense. Don’t take these actions expecting short-term results or you may end up professionally frustrated.

Achieve success in your sales career!

There are many opportunities in the commercial area and, without a doubt, there will be plenty of space for well-prepared sales leaders, with excellent market vision, good interpersonal relationships and, of course, excellent team management.

Therefore, if your goal is to reach a position of commercial manager, keep the focus on your personal and professional development, invest in self-knowledge and improve your techniques. In time, you will certainly reach your goal!