New consumer profile: how to win it over with your B2B sales


If you’ve been in the market for some time, sometimes you must feel that what seemed to be already consolidated as right when it was time to sell… suddenly doesn’t seem to make any sense anymore!

In fact, today we are dealing with a new consumer profile, which requires sales managers to update much more than prospecting and negotiation strategies.

It is necessary to go further and think about formatting services and products, sales channels and relationships.

In this article, we’re going to talk about customer profile 3.0 and what are the ways to engage you in your company’s sales!

Consumer 3.0: meet the new consumer profile!

This new consumer profile that we are dealing with in the market today can also be called consumer 3.0.

And, despite not being solely formed by people of this generation, it is strongly marked by the behavior of millennials – people who are now in their 30s and occupying middle and even high leadership positions in the business.

In order to better identify this new customer profile, we list below some of the main characteristics they have:

1. Use of technology

The technology has become part of the experience purchasing a decisive role not only as support for it.

Using the internet, the potential customer makes searches and researches, finds reviews and completes the purchase. And that’s with devices that let you do it anytime, anywhere.

2. Availability

Due to the strong use of technology, the new consumer profile becomes much more demanding in relation to your company’s availability. It is no longer enough to be accessible only during business hours, as people use their free time to search and buy products and services.

3. Search for a unique experience

If before the communication about products and services could be done en masse, what counts today is personalization.

The 3.0 consumer is demanding and seeks a unique shopping experience that meets their desires and aspirations.

4. Quality in the relationship

If the experience needs to be unique, it also needs to be the service. It is not by chance that companies like Nubank have stood out so much for investing in a relationship model focused on delighting their consumers.

It’s called the WOW effect! Consumers of this new generation, even, do not find it difficult to abandon a service if they are not satisfied with the service provided.

5. Search for validation

Due to the ease of accessing information via the internet, the new consumer profile also started to make much more systematic use of evaluations and recommendations on products and services.

Forums, websites and social networks have become a support tool for any purchase – even high-value products and services!

Omnipresence and Omniscience

The main characteristics of the 3.0 consumer can also be consolidated into two unique behaviors, representative of the current moment in which we live: omnipresence and omniscience.

By omnipresence, we can understand that people are (and feel) present everywhere, whether virtually or physically.

In this way, for consumers, both experiences merge and must offer similar experiences and results. For this reason, retail companies that have physical and virtual points of sale need to make them connected to each other!

Omniscience, on the other hand, is related to the fact that consumers know a lot about the product or service they want to purchase, even if they have not yet consumed it.

Researching and seeking recommendations, he knows his strengths and weaknesses, his pricing and negotiation policy and the same about his main competitors.

Data to understand the new consumer profile!

Of course, everything we talk about here has been supported by studies and research. In this way, we understand and validate more and more that your potential customer does not behave in the same way as he did a few years ago.

See below some data that proves this:

  • 91% of Brazilians have already made some purchase online (Mind Miners);
  • 38% have already made a purchase from a social network link (Mind Miners);
  • 18% of people shop while at work (GS&MD);
  • 81% of consumers use online price comparators (GS&MD).

Attention: Your sales strategy may no longer work!

Looking at the characteristics of the new customer profile and the data that proves its behavior, you must recognize that your sales strategy will not work if you keep insisting on a model that does not consider all these factors.

Of course, this model may have brought excellent results in recent years, but as we’ve shown, behavior has transformed and ignoring it will certainly leave your company behind.

And we know that this has happened before with many companies that appeared to be future proof. Who doesn’t remember Kodak cameras? Or Nokia cell phones? Market leaders and pioneers who lost space for not looking at the consumer.

Tips to win over the consumer 3.0 in your B2B sales

If you do not want to lose business opportunities and want to remain competitive in the market for many years to come, having the consumer at the center of your strategy is always a success factor.

At the moment, that consumer is 3.0, which we present earlier in this text. But how to sell B2B products and services to him? Discover our tips!

Evaluate the possibility of self-employment (or as close to it as possible)

In the B2B market, it is not always possible to invest in an e-commerce or self-employment model. The specifics and customizations can be many, depending on each business reality.

But if the consumer is so used to shopping online, isn’t it possible to offer a similar experience to him?

A simple example is the possibility of conducting price simulations or requesting a quote online, without having to talk to a seller first.

From the information provided, then yes, your sales team comes into play to make all the necessary analyzes and adaptations for that customer.

Strengthen the relationship across multiple channels

Another important factor is the Omni channel experience, that is, the experience in multiple contact channels, both virtual and physical.

This can mean, for example, that in addition to contacting the seller, the potential customer can count on service via online chat. Something very simple to be executed!

Be available, anytime, anywhere

Speaking of Omni channel experience, it is increasingly important that the experience is also when your consumer needs it. Of course, you don’t need to have a team available 24/7.

In many cases, an automated online chat via Artificial Intelligence or even a well-constructed FAQ in text or video can meet customer demand.

Make your product or service a desire factor

If the 3.0 consumer wants to feel special and consume something unique according to their profile, you need to make your product or service a desire factor.

When we think of B2B, it could be simply tailoring the delivery as much as possible to what you know about that particular customer. And for that, nothing better than having data on the entire purchase journey!

Allow experimentation

We talk about how the new consumer can be omniscient, based on information they get through the internet.

Why not increase his satisfaction in this search for prior knowledge before hiring with real experience? More and more B2B businesses are allowing testing, sampling and experimentation. And that makes a big difference when making a decision!

New models of products and services

Finally, the path will often go even deeper, transforming the way you market your products or services.

For a fast-changing market and consumers alike, many companies are reviewing their business models. Have you ever seen Brastemp renting water filters instead of selling them? Yeah, maybe your company also needs to find a new way to sell (and produce).

At these times, your feedback as a sales leader is essential to the product and management areas!

A new era for B2B business – and your company participating in it!

In this article, we talk about the importance of transforming the sales practice to a new consumer profile, 3.0.

The truth is that we need to run, as soon we will have the arrival of a new generation of buyers on the market – this time, the digital natives, for whom connectivity has always been present.

For this reason, it is essential that your company does not waste time adapting to today’s buyer. This will make you much better prepared to deal with even more significant changes in the future!