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Step by step to develop sales skills

Do you want to develop new sales skills and techniques? Here is the best recipe for this

As we watched The Matrix, we were impressed by Neo and his team’s ability to learn something new in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s for something like developing skills to fight like Bruce Lee, even piloting a helicopter.

With the incredible rise of technology we have today, the rapid learning we saw in The Matrix is ​​becoming very close to reality.

See How to Develop Sales Skills in 11 Steps

Our generation is marked by the digital transformation, the age of knowledge and information.  It is through the internet that we are able to access different types of knowledge to answer any question or objection that we know.

So here are some ideas for learning new Matrix-style sales skills. See how to develop sales skills and promote your professional development.

#1. Reverse engineer

Break the sales skill you’ve been wanting to learn into small chunks and master a piece in isolation. Small pieces will come together to make up for all the skill.

In the same way that when we learn to play the guitar, we learn a pair of chords with our finger, without strumming, and after we can alternate between chords we start strumming, in blindfolds we can exercise in the same way.

To improve your presentation, for example, first create your elevator speech and then be prepared for your interlocutors’ questions.

When your presentation is ready, and thought provoking, train it and be prepared for the possibilities of the questions that will follow.

#two. Pareto Principle

Perform Pareto analysis and identify which 20% of the work gives you 80% of the results. When learning a language, we realize that there are some words that appear more than others.

You can search for the most used words in this new language and learn them, before going to the next step.

In sales, take the time to find out which 20% of your alleged differentiators in your presentations are responsible for 80% of conversions. Once that’s done, try to improve them and make them even more attractive.

#3. Establish punishments

Establish and implement some kind of punishment if you can’t learn a new sales skill.

There are websites available that allow you to make a donation to charities if you don’t meet your goals. Another way is to place a bet with a friend to motivate you.

If you want, for example, to develop skills on how your product fits into new markets that you do not yet operate, stipulate a fine, or a punishment if you fail to do so within the month.

Fear of punishment can be a great motivator to get you moving.

#4. Create study groups

There are enormous benefits to group learning. Not only are you able to learn from others, you will be encouraged to progress along with your fellow students.

It doesn’t matter what the type of study is: online with people from different places or, in person, with a mediator or coaching present.

Sharing experiences is always important and allows you to learn from other people’s sales skills and make them learn from you.

 how to develop sales skills

Form study groups to encourage the learning of new skills.

#5. Be a chameleon

Imitate your greatest idol. Watch a video and learn to imitate and develop other people’s skills.

Visual learning is a great way to speed up the learning process. YouTube, for example, has thousands of videos on just about every possible sales topic.

Whether it’s the prospecting, presenting, or closing skills you want to improve, learn to emulate the skills you see other professionals develop through repetition.

Take a YouTube video about prospecting and imitate, step-by-step, everything the other person is doing, until you achieve the expected results.

#6. Keep focus

Follow your new skill development until you succeed. It’s very easy to get distracted and throw in the towel or become interested in another skill that might seem more interesting at the moment.

After all, there are a lot of distractions vying for our attention along with our goals and trying to hurt us. So don’t rest until you reach your goal?

Just focus on the results this new sales skill will give you and don’t rest until you’ve met all the requirements.

#7. Find a mentor

Success leaves clues. The best shortcut to becoming an expert is to find an expert and not have to make the same mistake they did.

Figuring out what not to do when developing a new sales skill will shorten the time until you’ve actually developed the skill you want.

It’s a great way to guide learning a new sales skill.

If you want to develop skills, for example, on how to get around more objections, finding a mentor and learning from their experience can be an excellent way to build confidence and reduce insecurity when negotiating.

 how to develop sales skills

Find a mentor to learn new sales skills.

#8. Sleep with her

According to Josh Kaufman , practicing your skill within 4 hours of bedtime can be very effective.

Kaufman is an expert in rapid learning and claims that any practice done within this timeframe causes our brains to incorporate faster learning into our neural pathways.

So, look for exercises that help you hone the new skills you want, and practice them before bed. So you incorporate faster learning.

#9. Learn by doing

It’s easy to get caught up in reading and gathering information about the best way to accomplish a task or learn a skill, and we never end up practicing.

The best way to learn is to do. Regardless of how you feel, prepared or unprepared, make sure you are continually physically involved in what needs to be done.

Keep switching between research and practice. Research the information and put it into practice immediately to secure learning and be able to develop skills.

#10. Do short learning sprints

Rather than trying to force learning for consecutive hours, work in smaller sprints of about 20 to 30 minutes, then get up and take a walk.

Our brain works best with short breaks between activities. So taking a break between studying new skills can help you learn more quickly.

Keep this in mind when studying new sales approaches and new customers, for example.

Whenever you need to study a new client, dive in, but always take a short break between periods. Your brain will thank you.

#11. Use supplements

There is a saying that a healthy body helps to have a healthy mind. There are some supplements, such as Ginkgo Biloba , for example, that can help increase our brain’s cognitive functions.

Many students use these supplements, and a seller who wants to have more intense brain activity and easier absorption of information faster, making learning faster.

These supplements have been used for thousands of years in the Ayurvedic tradition to improve the mind and learning.

So if you’re having trouble developing new sales habits and techniques, these substances can help you in a simple way.

Celebrate your victories

Every victory you experience in learning new sales skills, whether with customers, more sales, or shortening the business cycle should be celebrated.

Your brain will release endorphins in the process, along with serotonin, and you will make the knowledge even more ingrained in you.

Celebrate with a battle cry, a piece of chocolate or blowing a horn (as many sales teams do). This will encourage you to proceed towards your goal.

And don’t forget that learning needs to be fun. Learning new sales skills needs to be exciting and something you love to practice on a daily basis.

To encourage that professional development, keep imagining the joy of reaching the ultimate goal and being a better version of yourself as ongoing motivation.

This will make it even easier to overcome the day-to-day challenges of a salesperson. By the way, if you want more tips on this topic, download our free e-book: Sales Professional Challenges