Commercial Sales Tool You Should Use in Your Business

How about knowing a little more about the sales tools we use in our day-to-day sales? Here are the 5 tools we use in Scheduler

If you know the Agent, you know that we take sales and service to our customers very seriously.

And since we talk a lot about sales, we cannot miss the opportunity to test sales tools and always be ready to help our readers improve their sales processes.

Today we are going to talk about commercial tools that we use in our sales routine, from the CRM system to the help desk, and which we believe that all of you who want to improve and boost your results should try.

sales tool

5 sales tools we use in the Scheduler

Sales tools that we recommend for your daily life

Over the years, we’ve been learning about a plethora of sales tools, resources and implementing a few to test the results. After some testing, we ended up adopting some of these commercial tools.

We highly recommend all of these features, and we are sure that, if used correctly, they can help your business a lot.

We are going to give you some tips for better controlling your commercial initiatives on the website, in emails, telephones, and calls, as well as on managing the commercial process and sales opportunities.

As we use each of these resources on a daily basis, we ensure that they are great business tools and we are sure of the potential they can add to your sales.

Here are the 5 sales tools that we use here on Scheduler.

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#1. olark

The Olark is our tool online chat. If you have already chatted with any of us via online chat, you were using Olark together with us.

People often enter the Scheduler, they know the tool, but they have some doubts that are essential before the conversion.

The easiest way to solve this problem is through a quick and interactive conversation that can take place online.

Having an online chat on your website can be more practical than a phone and allows for much more interactivity than simply a contact email.

Olark has a simple and intuitive platform and very attractive prices. In this way, a small business can subscribe to and take advantage of online chat quickly and interactively.

sales tool

Olark is the tool we use for online chat.

#two. Help Scout

The Help Scout is a system help desk. At Agendor, we use Help Scout as a tool for organizing emails with all of our potential customers.

Each internal salesperson has a login, and through its integration with e-mail, we can always keep in touch with our potential customers, always remembering to keep in touch.

Help Scout was created in order to facilitate communication between companies and their customers, or even prospects.

In addition to centralizing all communication with customers and potential customers, Help Scout is a sales tool that allows you to create a history of all the relationship you have with your customer.

And in the end, a lot can still be integrated with CRM so that you have control over actions, and can schedule tasks, or other actions for each contact.

Some advantages that make Help Scout a great commercial tool for monitoring communication with our customers:

  • Built for teams: Collaborate with private notes and delegate tasks to others, forwarding conversation and email to them.
  • No problems with reading: you will no longer accidentally read something and then forget to reply to the message.
  • Reporting: Help Scout provides real-time reports on each team’s activity.
  • Customer history: Even if you’ve never spoken to a customer before, the complete customer history is at your fingertips.
  • Easy to use: Generally, in less than 20 minutes your team can be 100% using the system, without stress.

These are one of the reasons that make all of us at Scheduler use Help Scout in our daily lives.

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#3. Scheduler

It would be expected that we would use the Agent in our day-to-day sales. In addition to being a big believer in our tool, continuous use is what allows us to always be looking for new ideas and useful resources.

We try to make the most of the Scheduler around here. After all, we don’t want to be a blacksmith and stick house. That would be bad, wouldn’t it?

That’s why we continuously use the Agendor as our main CRM tool (yes! We test our competitors too) for the following activities:

  • Follow-up scheduling: The best way to keep a customer and lead warm is to do constant follow-up. And the best way to not miss any follow-up is to book in advance.
  • Monitoring the sales process: we defend that each customer has a different sales process. That said, there’s nothing more certain than creating each client’s process based on their needs and priorities. We use the Scheduler to customize the pipeline for each customer opportunity.
  • Customer interaction analysis: through history, we can measure everything that was talked and said with a customer during a telephone interaction, email, or even a meeting.
  • Numbers: At the end of the day, a manager needs to see their numbers. And it is precisely through the Agent that we see our sales and lost opportunities statistics.

#4. Prestus

The Prestus is a leader in the segment of shared virtual secretaries. Its flagship product, the Magic Number, allows companies not to miss any phone calls, in addition to allowing them to have a 24-hour telephone service.

The Magic Number is a sales tool that works simply and is still very affordable. Any company, regardless of size and/or size, can benefit from its advantages.

It works like this: by signing the Magic Number, your company gets a fixed number that is easy to remember, which you can share in all your communication vehicles.

This number is configured to, for example, ring your landline number, or even your cell phone.

That way, when someone calls, the call is automatically redirected to your phone. And so far, nothing new.

But it’s when you can’t answer that the magic happens. If you cannot answer because you are away from your office, or if your number is busy, virtual secretaries take the call on behalf of your company.

And the best part is that the telephone service is totally professional, and guided by the service script that Prestus makes together with you as soon as you hire the platform.

That way, your company never misses a call again, and you can still offer 24-hour service to all your customers.

#5. Skype

The Skype is no new tool. But, we’ve been using it since the early days of the Scheduler.

As we have clients from all over Brazil, we often need to make presentations and demonstrations to these potential clients.

That’s where we use Skype as a sales tool. In addition to saving time in our commercial presentations, we can quickly interact with any customer from anywhere in the country through a conference.

Skype has already helped us close key strategic partnerships, as well as demonstrate the Agendar to dozens of customers.

It is certainly a great sales tool when it comes to showing the Agent in practice for clients and teams who have questions and problems.

We’ve even used Skype to do short training sessions with new customers. Its use can help improve your company’s interactivity with your prospects and customers in a simple and professional way.

Did you like our tools?

These are the commercial tools that help us in our day-to-day sales here at Agendor.

We recommend that you start using them little by little and feel the difference they will bring to your sales team as a whole. You will not only serve better, but also more professionally.

If you feel that a sales tool is missing from our list, please share your suggestions with us in the comments. We always want to improve our results, and any tips are welcome.