Accelerating sales in the midst of the pandemic: what are the possible paths?

How to accelerate sales in the midst of the pandemic? This is certainly one of those million dollar questions. But believe me: there are companies that are doing well despite all the odds.

More than a year after the Covid pandemic began, it’s more than clear that we won’t be back to “normalcy” in business anytime soon. Therefore, until some time ago it was acceptable to focus only on small adjustments to try to overcome the moment. Now, it is high time to accept that temporary and improvised solutions will not be enough to accelerate sales in this context.

To improve the results and get through this situation with the best possible results, it is therefore necessary to roll up our sleeves and retrace the route. Like? Well, redefining sales strategies, changing the way you manage your team, investing in more appropriate tools and using the resources you already have in the right way.

See 6 tips to accelerate sales in the midst of the pandemic

Want to learn more about how to accelerate sales in the pandemic? Check out six practical ideas for looking for opportunities, managing the team remotely and designing a more effective plan for that moment. Follow up!

1. Offer more support and direction to the team

According to Ambassador Agendor Luciano Giarrochi (Itibam Business), if the company is managing to maintain sales in person, it is possible to think about sustaining the same sales targets as before in the new scenario. However, he emphasizes that, at this moment, it is necessary to give much more support to the team, both in groups and individually.

“It is very common to find operations in which only the final goal is passed and, therefore, we have salespeople ending a desperate sales meeting, as the manager does not help with action plans. Often, the salesperson sees the goal, but as the situation has completely changed, he needs much more support and direction to follow”, he explains.

Therefore, it is essential that the sales leadership find channels and tools that allow them to always be closely following what happens with the team and, thus, be able to give frequent and direct directions on what should be done – from daily activities to achievement of the goal.

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2. Find new ways to motivate sellers

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for sales managers when it comes to accelerating sales is boosting sales team motivation in the midst of the pandemic. According to ambassador Agendor Suely Schmitt (Versa Corporate Training), one of the secrets about this point is “to rescue the sellers’ dreams and anchor the thoughts in the happy and safe future that we want”.

An important tool to help sales professionals identify and work towards their personal goals is the Funnel of Dreams. The methodology developed by Agendor connects the salespeople’s personal goals with the company’s goals. With the resource, it is possible to visualize what needs to be done day after day to make the dream come true.

As a leader, then, you can get to know your salesperson’s goal for now or post-pandemic, such as home ownership, car exchange, a trip, etc., and support them in identifying how their daily sales routine can help.

3. Have CRM as a great ally

“Controlling sales and, therefore, the CRM system is more fundamental than ever, for both the manager and the salesperson”, explains Luciano. The tool has a series of features that are very important at this moment, starting with the qualification and segmentation of leads.

On the platform, it is possible, for example, to segment potential customers in relation to decision-making for closing — in hot, warm and cold — which makes it easier to read the maturity of leads and directs the actions of salespeople.

It is also possible, following market movements, to direct prospecting and follow-up efforts to the segments of the portfolio that are less affected by social isolation measures or to companies in cities that have less strict rules at the time in question.

CRM also helps in monitoring key sales indicators, which is crucial to identify the points that need improvement and adjust the route to achieve better results.

4. Evaluate the tools you are using

To speed up sales, you’ll also need to analyze what other tools you’re using in addition to CRM — and how they’re being applied. Are they really solving the problems they’re supposed to?

“There are many alternatives in terms of resources to deal with this moment and it depends a lot on the adherence to the type of business. But it is a fact that, in every crisis, it is important to look outside the box. So, it is necessary to ask yourself if you are using the right prospecting tools, if you are using an automation that is really helping and so on ”, adds Luciano.

And, just as you must evaluate the resources that are already in use, you must look for new ones. If your company had prospecting at events and fairs as an important fundraising channel, it is time to rethink your investments so that they are directed to online prospecting tools, for example.

5. Focus on improving the sales experience

Improving the experience is another key to accelerating sales in the Covid context. At the start of the pandemic, many companies adapted by quickly moving sales interactions to the phone or video conferencing.

However, in the long run, this strategy needs to be revised and improved: are you really providing the best possible customer experience in this regard? It’s time to rethink how to use these platforms to improve — not just “survive” anyway.

The goal of this movement should be to create value and offer differentiation to customers and potential customers to make the experience more attractive. Think, for example, that in video and telephone contact, it is possible to involve experts, executives or even implementation teams and customer support or other functions in order to enrich the sales process.

Another attitude that can yield good results in this regard for organizations that work with “tangible” products is sending physical samples, models or prototypes to customers. If this is not the case, it is still possible to prepare some material or “pampering” that can be received at home and enhance the shopping experience. These small acts have a much greater meaning in this moment of social distance.

6. Stay closer than ever

During the pandemic, many organizations focused on existing customer relationships. It is no accident that the strategy was right in most cases. Maintaining proximity has become an even greater differential in times of isolation.

In addition, investing in the relationship with the customer at this time is also essential for understanding what they want, what their priorities are and how the competition is acting. This information is strategic for making decisions about new combinations of products or services, process optimization, etc.

Therefore, if you do not yet have a structured Customer Success area with routines revised for the current context, it is high time to make this change!

The challenge of finding opportunities in the crisis

If it were not possible to accelerate sales at this time of pandemic, there would be no companies increasing their profits exponentially. Although the economic situation is indeed delicate, sales in some sectors were leveraged in the last year.

So, the final tip here is to try to understand what factors are driving or reducing the use of your products or services. It’s also critical to identify new customer needs and how you can help them — even if you need to adapt or add something to your offerings.

As we have seen, the companies that have done better in the current context are those that manage to strengthen themselves in the chaos, the so-called antifragile organizations. It’s not an easy task, but it’s not impossible. The key is not to resist change, face challenges and dive into new opportunities.

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