5 great Brazilian women sellers to inspire you

Unfortunately, due to a series of gender biases, women have not always been (or are) “welcome” as sales professionals. For this reason, there are still few women sellers today and the challenges they face in the labor market are not few.

However, the examples of great women sellers, now successful entrepreneurs, serve to show the important role of women in the sector.

According to a study on gender diversity in sales conducted by CEB in the US, only 19% of women who work in sales occupy leadership positions in the market.

This and other data are really alarming: the sector is one of the first in the list of gender inequality.

To get an idea, the survey also found that their sales rates are higher than those of men. However, contradictorily, they have lower salaries than them.

Women sellers who made history

Despite all the difficulties that women sellers face to enter the market, some have overcome barriers, made and still make history.

One of the most symbolic cases is, without a doubt, that of the American Mary Kay Ash . She was a visionary woman who inspired many others to transform their lives.

Ash has worked throughout his career in direct sales. When she retired after 25 years of work in the early 1960s, she decided to write a book.

But, it was not just any book: its objective was to help women face the business world – then even more dominated by male salespeople.

However, she ended up doing more than that: she created a marketing plan for a company that could give women unlimited potential for professional success.

In this way, Mary founded her company, empowered thousands of women, and formed great salespeople.

Another great example of a born saleswoman is that of Oprah Winfrey . She has built an influential personal brand and demonstrates unparalleled personality power.

The presenter is a great female entertainment and lifestyle seller. In addition, Oprah is the richest African-American entrepreneur of the 20th century. She has also been considered, time and again, one of the most powerful women in the world.

5 great Brazilian women sellers who are inspiring

It is not just foreigners who make the list of great women sellers. In Brazil, we also have excellent examples to be followed by winning women who work in the most diverse sectors.

Therefore, in this article, we made a point of listing names of Brazilian women from different generations who, in some way, have interesting trajectories acting as saleswomen. Check out!

1 – Luiza Helena Trajano

As much as all the lists of successful Brazilian entrepreneurs always mention the name of Luiza Helena Trajano, it would not be fair to leave her out when talking about important women sellers.

The person responsible for the rise of one of the largest retail chains in Brazil, Magazine Luiza, has even claimed to be, above all, a “seller”.

According to her, the whole family has always worked with sales and she entered retail at 12 years old. It all started when Luiza, still young, worked in the business started by her uncles. At the time, before becoming the Magazine Luiza group, the store was called A Cristaleira.

Over time, it acquired other competing networks and expanded not only the number of physical stores (more than 1,000). The network is also one of the pioneers of e-commerce in Brazil. Luiza is currently a reference in the business world and her fortune exceeds R$ 1 billion.

Oh, and for a period at Magazine Luiza, all employees had the position of “salesperson” on the badge. Luiza highly values ​​the profession and says that being a salesperson should be a reason to be proud.

2 – Isabella Delorenzo

Do you know that story of a professional already established in the market who, all of a sudden, decides to change course (and branch)? Well, in our list of great women sellers we also have some cases of this type.

And especially of women who worked in areas that do not work directly with sales and became, in some way, salespeople.

Isabella Delorenzo is one of them: graduated in economics, she worked for 15 years in the financial area .

In 2009, she decided to have her own business and started selling brownies online. Specialized e-commerce worked very well: in fact, the store was the first in the country to sell handmade brownies.

To reduce the need for initial investment, The Brownie Shop started its activities making only internet sales. And look, selling fresh food in the virtual world is not the simplest task!

However, it worked so well that in a short time the sales volume for the whole of Brazil grew. It didn’t take long, it became necessary to set up a studio to attend brides and event companies.

3 – Mônica Burgos

A similar story has the founder of Avatim, an important ambient flavoring company that was born around 15 years ago.

Mônica Burgos was a lawyer and, after a big change in her life, she decided to abandon her career and discover new opportunities.

His initial idea was to work with “olfactory marketing” and provide consulting services to companies that were looking for their own fragrance.

However, unintentionally, Monica ended up becoming, in fact, a saleswoman. Her talent for direct sales led her to sell hundreds of bottles of flavoring in the first six months of the business.

Considering these results, she was convinced to continue acting in this way and started to also offer training to new salespeople.

Today, Avatim has more than 50 franchises and a series of own stores. And the idea is to keep growing! The seller’s franchise has already reached R$ 40 million.

4 – Sonia Hess de Souza

Before talking about Sonia Hess, it is necessary to mention her mother Dona Lina – who would also be on a list of great women sellers.

It was she who started selling shirts in the family business, which began in Balneário Camboriú in 1957, giving rise to the Dudalina brand.

Sonia Hess de Souza, the sixth daughter of Dona Lina, started running the project in 2003 and was responsible for transforming the family clothing company into one of the most valuable fashion brands in the country.

Consecrated as a successful entrepreneur, before becoming president of the company, Sônia always stood out due to her sales talent.

During the period in which she was at the forefront of business, Dudalina increased its sales by 50%.

Today, the brand has greatly expanded its product line and is also focused on other items, in addition to traditional shirts. The company’s annual sales have already been close to R$ 500 million.

5 – Carolina Sales

Who said that brigadeiro has to be a little elaborated sweet and always with the same flavor? It was exactly from this questioning that the idea of ​​veterinarian Carolina Sales came from.

In 2010, while studying medicine, she decided to start making gourmet brigadeiros to sell and pay for her second tuition.

After testing several recipes with her grandmother’s help and advice, Carolina started making frozen brigadeiros at home.

College colleagues were the first customers and even started placing orders. Still in her apartment, to make the business successful, she already had the help of her grandmother and two other employees.

As the space started to get small and the venture became more and more serious, Carolina decided to lock up college and open the first Brigaderia Chic store.

Since the beginning of sales in college, his focus has always been on product quality. This was a competitive advantage that she as a saleswoman has always explored.

Today, Carolina has two stores in Rio de Janeiro and the business was renamed Carolina Sales Pâtisserie de Brigadeiros. She expanded the product line: currently, there are more than 100 flavors of brigadeiro gourmet, in addition to brownies and cupcakes.

In addition to sales in stores, the company supplies products to the Zona Sul chain and other major brands. She also attends parties, weddings and events.

Its average annual turnover is 1.2 million and the expansion plans consist of selling a business model along the lines of its patisserie.

Which women sellers will you be inspired by today?

In this article, we talk about some international and national examples of women salespeople who have achieved great success. Entrepreneurs, managers, influencers , but, above all, sellers of what they believe.

In a career that is still very masculine, women can find in these references and also in others, much closer, the inspiration they need to move forward and build a successful path, whatever the market in which they operate!

Do you remember another successful saleswoman who can be an inspiration in this profession? Leave your suggestion here in the comments for this article!