3 sales actions that worked in the B2B market using social networks

When talking about the use of social media in sales actions, people soon associate these tactics with the consumer market.

Would you bet on sales actions that worked on social networks for the B2B market?

Well know that we have brought you 3 amazing cases of success following this recipe.

This requires developing a marketing strategy that emphasizes not only attention to the brand and the product or service being offered, but also to bring and engage potential customers.

And the main tools used in this new scenario are social networks, which have become a powerful tool for B2B companies to capture new customers and carry out sales actions.

In this article, we’ll show you some creative sales actions that were taken and how you can be inspired by them to achieve the same results in your company.

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How to use social media for creative sales actions

Promoting products and services for companies, institutions or even governments requires strategic planning and care with the way one speaks about the brand itself.

The problem is that this care often leads companies to be afraid to innovate, avoiding creative sales actions and remaining in the “common place”.

And the results don’t show up.

For example, many companies still think that B2B marketing should focus on generating institutional content, describing their products and services, and only broadcast on LinkedIn, in the case of social media.

This approach limits the results that can be obtained on other networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, for example. In fact, the company must carry out studies and test sales actions in all media to identify where its audience is and in which channel it engages the most.

The data proves that the current trend in the B2B market is to invest more and more in the production of quality content to impact your potential customers:

  • 55% of buyers in the B2B market look for information on social media, according to the Biznology website
  • 80% of decision makers prefer to get information about a company through articles rather than ads

Currently, B2B market decision makers are always online and on social media. They often look for solutions to their business problems within these networks.

Therefore, it is essential to develop marketing strategies that encompass creative sales, relationship and engagement actions in these channels.

Let’s better understand how social media can be used for your company to get closer to your potential customers. We’ll also look at how some companies have used these networks to deliver successful sales actions.

See 3 examples of sales actions that worked on social media

1 – Facebook

Currently, Facebook is the social network that has the most active users and, by staying out of it, the company runs the risk of losing future business.

The platform provides several ways to interact with the public, such as comments, shares, paid advertisements and post boosts.

The ideal is to merge content that talks about the problems your company solves; of the production processes or innovations that are developed and of its products and services, the latter in a subtle way and in less quantity.

Success case

The Cielo, a company that provides solutions for electronic payments, devised a campaign with paid ads on Facebook in order to generate more brand awareness and also get conversions of new customers to your site.

For this, videos were created with the comedian Marcelo Adnet in the role of different types of merchants and entrepreneurs, such as the owner of a supermarket, a gas station, among others. In each production, the actor highlighted one of the advantages of Cielo’s service.

The campaign ran for 3 months and had the following results:

  • 112% increase in visits to Cielo’s website
  • 50% of the entire Brazilian population on Facebook reached in three days of campaign
  • 8% growth in the volume of full views
  • 36% drop in cost per visit compared to the campaign average

2 – Instagram

Although Instagram is still considered a social network more focused on the B2C market, many companies are finding ways to communicate and publicize their interests on the platform.

Subjects that increase followers and engagement on Instagram can be photos and videos of parties and corporate events, team stories, motivational phrases, volunteer work, among others.

Success case

The Aden is a business school dedicated to the professional development of executives and business managers in 17 countries. It has a strong focus on in-company or online courses (which is usually encouraged by several companies, including a subsidy for their employees who request this benefit).

His main objective was to reach an audience of young and ambitious professionals for his one-year MBA program. They set some specific goals: reduce the cost per signup, shorten the conversion cycle, and create a base of qualified signups for sales.

To achieve the main objective of generating qualified registrations for the MBA program, exclusive content was created to engage and gain followers on Instagram, specifically targeted at Generation Y.

The ads were served using similar audience targeting, based on people who had already shown interest in similar products on Facebook.

The results were an increase in the base of qualified registrations for sales, with a conversion cycle 35% less than in other media and with a cost per registration four times lower.

Currently, Instagram entries represent 10% of Aden’s Qualified Sales Entries (SQLs).

3 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn was already created to be a networking network aimed at generating business, which naturally makes it a more segmented platform for the B2B market.

In addition, it has several features that allow the generation of qualified leads, allowing the development of marketing strategies and sales actions aimed at company decision makers.

Success case

The General Electric (GE) decided to launch a campaign on LinkedIn during the Rio 2016 with the aim of increasing brand recognition as a leader in innovation in its sector. The desired audience was made up of business decision makers, including commercial and technical managers, CGOs, CEOs, CIOs and COOs, across multiple industry sectors.

The tools used were InMails and text content published on LinkedIn Pulse, the LinkedIn blog, as well as live video classes in webinar format.

All content could be shared with the participants’ network of contacts, reaching a wider audience.

Finally, the 10 most engaged participants were invited to a face-to-face meeting at GE’s headquarters in São Paulo.

The results achieved:

  • More than 1,500 views in created Webinars
  • The project’s website had more than 6,000 visits and more than 1,100 subscribers
  • Articles have been viewed over 5,000 times

Managing social media to win more sales

These successful sales actions show that social media platforms have several tools that companies can use to get closer to their audience, gain leads and increase B2B sales.

Just knowing how to use them correctly.

However, the company’s performance on social networks must be done through careful planning and brand management.

Currently, thousands of companies are present on social networks, however, not all deliver valuable content. When the company only publishes on its pages to keep them updated, the results achieved will be minimal.

All content must be planned and thought to generate interest in your target audience. Publications should aim to create an audience, captivate their audience and achieve a viral effect by sharing content with friends and family.

Thus, the company increases the chances of being found, standing out and attracting potential prospects. That was the secret of these successful sales actions.